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Is Reinforced Concrete Right For Your Next Blast Resistant Building?

In an ideal situation, facility personnel would operate at a safe distance from potential accidental hazards. However, this is not always possible or practical, and essential personnel often need to be located closer to operations and potential hazards than we’d like. In those cases, it’s necessary to provide protection from the hazardous exposures, which sometimes…

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FORTRESS provides U.S. Gulf Coast with Hazard Resistant Buildings

FORTRESS Protective Buildings, a Houston-based leader in multi-hazard protection, is supplying a new option for protective buildings to facilities along the gulf coast region. Companies recognize the importance of keeping their employees safe and have chosen the proven protection of a FORTRESS for its ability to provide multi-hazard protection – blast, fragment, thermal from fire…

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Addressing Your Buildings’ Risk Mitigation Needs


Consequence or risk based facility siting has shown that your personnel exposure for an occupied building(s) is high – now what? A risk mitigation plan can be prioritized and implemented focusing on: Addressing your building’s risk migration needs When considering mitigating the risk through addressing the building(s), there traditionally have been three options: upgrade the…

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Flexible Floorplans Tailored to Your Needs

From 100 ft2 Guard Shacks to 20,000+ ft2 Central Control Buildings, FORTRESS’s modular sections are configured to make the best use of the available space to meet your layout requirements.  The “open” design allows for a flexible floorplan tailored to suit: office spaces, meeting rooms, locker rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms are example options for fit out.   Our…

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