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What is a design engineer, and what is blast resistant design?

Blast resistant design engineer, Thomas Mander, discussing results from extreme hazards tests performed on FORTRESS building components.

Blast Resistant Design Engineer; Thomas Mander When it comes to the complex construction necessary to complete industrial projects, having someone on your team with a master plan is essential to getting things done. In engineering, this is often the design engineer, someone with extensive expertise in engineering principles that can work with other teams to…

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FORTRESS Protective Buildings Wins Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Industry Advancement Award

FORTRESS Protective Buildings, a leading provider of permanent protective structures, has won the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)’s prestigious Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award for BakerRisks’s Nameplate #1 building, as a building solution that has paved the way for protective buildings.

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A Multi-Hazard Resistant Building | The Future of Protection

Explosion in a multi-hazard environment, illustrating the need for hazard-resistant construction.

How FORTRESS protects people & equipment through multi-hazard resistant building design Modern industrial facilities and worksites are potentially vulnerable to a variety of dangers. Toxic leaks, explosions, and industrial fires are just a few examples of the hazards that protective buildings and shelters must defend against to protect both personnel and vital facility equipment.  When…

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FORTRESS Modular Shelters Make Excellent Security Guard Buildings

Rendering of a FORTRESS modular shelter being used as a security guard house.

A Security Guard House Designed for Protection, Longevity, and Comfort Industrial facilities and worksites rely on multiple security measures to control access and protect personnel, equipment, and hazardous materials. While security staff, cameras, and other measures are important and useful, many facilities also benefit from permanent, durable guard houses.  Well-constructed guard houses offer key advantages…

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Edge Data Center | Protect Your Data Center with FORTRESS

Reinforced precast concrete edge data center building

FORTRESS ensures protection for your edge data center services Many modern companies and facilities rely on edge data centers for computing solutions, data storage, and other services. While convenient, these decentralized facilities can be vulnerable to both natural hazards and targeted attacks. With a FORTRESS Protective Building, your edge data center solutions can be kept…

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FORTRESS Protective Buildings Newsletter No.1 shares insights on development of the best Multi-hazard Resistant Building

Sign Up For Our Newsletter Karen Vilas explains to BIC Magazine what sets us apart President, Karen Vilas, leading a tour of one of our FORTRESS Protective Buildings. Karen Vilas has more than 15 years of technical consulting experience in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and energy industries. As President of FORTRESS Protective Buildings, Vilas’…

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Permanent Modular Buildings vs. Portable Buildings

The module of a permanent modular building being lifted and placed by a crane for installation.

Key differences between portable buildings and permanent buildings of modular construction for your facility  Modular buildings are common structures at facilities like construction sites, manufacturing plants, refineries, and elsewhere. They also make up many medical or office structures in several industries. However, modular buildings may be permanent or portable depending on one’s needs or site…

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Numbers don’t lie – FORTRESS is greener and cheaper, according to building life cycle assessments

Concrete slab onto which a FORTRESS protective building will be installed

A life cycle analysis involves analyzing and measuring the potential lifetime environmental and cost impact of an organization’s building (or product or system). For example, a comprehensive building life cycle analysis for a corporate manufacturing plant may look at: Thorough life cycle assessments are normally governed by international standards such as ISO 14040 or 14044.…

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