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Meet the Team – David Prakoth, PMP

“As FORTRESS’s Senior Construction Manager, my main goal with each project is to safely install and fitout our turnkey blast resistant building as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to the site. What makes me proud is when I hand over the keys to the finished building, I get to congratulate the project team on…

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đź“Ł INTRODUCING the next product in the FORTRESS line – The FORTRESS Gas Sentry, designed by BakerRisk.  Sentry is designed to interface with gas detectors both inside and outside of each building to initiate HVAC shutdown, damper closures, trending of gas concentrations, activation of fresh air flow, and many other functions to support your SIP…

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Meet the Team – Joey Berry, PMP

“I foresee taking the FORTRESS solution to a broad array of clients and empowering them to protect their team members as well as their assets using the industry’s leading multi hazard building solution.” Meet our new Senior Project Manager Joey Berry and read his top Project Management tips as well as his passion for FORTRESS.

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Take a Virtual Tour of FORTRESS!

Take a virtual tour of FORTRESS with President Bill Mather.  Contact us to discuss your customizable FORTRESS Protective Building or schedule an in person tour today!

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Providing Toxic Hazard Protection

API RP 752 and RP 753 require evaluation of toxic releases on building occupants.  For facilities with the potential for toxic gas releases, it is imperative for operations personnel to have a shelter where they can be protected from toxic gases while the facility is brought to a safe state. Confirming if the area outside…

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Addressing Your Buildings’ Risk Mitigation Needs


Consequence or risk based facility siting has shown that your personnel exposure for an occupied building(s) is high – now what? A risk mitigation plan can be prioritized and implemented focusing on: Addressing your building’s risk migration needs When considering mitigating the risk through addressing the building(s), there traditionally have been three options: upgrade the…

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Flexible Floorplans Tailored to Your Needs

From 100 ft2 Guard Shacks to 20,000+ ft2 Central Control Buildings, FORTRESS’s modular sections are configured to make the best use of the available space to meet your layout requirements.  The “open” design allows for a flexible floorplan tailored to suit: office spaces, meeting rooms, locker rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms are example options for fit out.   Our…

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Design Basis Specifications for FORTRESS Protective Buildings, LLC

FORTRESS with hardware on roof

We are proud to offer a fully-tested concept that provides a high design specification for blast, fragments, thermal, and gas (flammable and toxic) ingress.  However, the FORTRESS team also understands that the building design, engineering, construction, and finishing’s are just as important! To capture the “softer” sides of the great building design, we have updated…

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