FORTRESS Protective Buildings and Tindall collaborate to develop the latest generation of technology for protective buildings

FORTRESS Protective Buildings, a leading provider of protective buildings, and Tindall Corporation, a renowned expert in precast concrete construction, have joined forces to revolutionize the field of blast-resistant buildings. Through their collaborative efforts, FORTRESS has developed multi-hazard resistant structures that go beyond providing protection from explosions, but also encompasses fire, projectiles, gas exposure, and extreme weather.  FORTRESS buildings prioritize safety, resilience, and peace of mind for a range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The partnership between FORTRESS and Tindall brings together FORTRESS’s design, engineering, and construction experience and Tindall’s high quality concrete fabrication to provide fortified multi-hazard resistant buildings (MRB) capable of withstanding a wide range of emergencies and threats. Leveraging their respective strengths, the collaboration aims to set a new standard in protective building construction. For more information about FORTRESS Protective Buildings and Tindall Corporation’s collaboration efforts, please check out Tindall’s project profile on FORTRESS.

FORTRESS modules moving from Tindall’s Spartanburg facility to their new home.
The Defender in Action