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Meet the Defender

A Precast Concrete Multi-hazard Resistant Building (MRB) designed to be quickly deployed as a portable or permanent structure.

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    Extreme Weather

You Asked and We Answered

We have taken everything we learned from FORTRESS and created the Defender: a smaller, faster, portable or permanent option with blast, fragment, fire, extreme weather, and toxic protection. Delivered to you with various levels of fit-out options so your Data Center, Safe Room, or Storm Shelter, etc… can be a reality.

Multi-Hazard Protection Beyond Blast

  • Blast 5psi, long duration
  • Fragment protection of 6-inch reinforced concrete
  • Also provides protection from fire and toxic gas
  • Weather shelter good for Cat 5 hurricane and F5 tornados

Ready for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Private Use

Your is ready for delivery and installation.

Built to Last

Intentional construction from design to delivery.
Built to withstand multiple hazards while also being the right size to be delivered and installed with ease. It can be a portable or permanent building option.


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  • Exterior: 12’ wide × 18’ long × 10’6” tall
  • Interior: 11’ wide × 17’ long × 9’6” tall


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  • 6” reinforced concrete monolithically poured on all sides and roof.
  • Floor poured with imbeds that are then welded to the monolithic pour after fabrication.
  • Fabricated by Tindall using the highest quality standards.

Fit Out

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Fit Out

  • Various levels of fit-out options from the shell to custom finishes.

Our design is full scale tested to provide you with confidence in Defender's protection of multiple hazards.

Beat the rush for Defender!

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