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In an unpredictable world where security is crucial, products by FORTRESS Protective Buildings redefine the standards of protection. Our Blast and Hazard Resistant Doors are engineered not just for blasts but also fire, smoke, toxic and extreme weather impacts, providing unparalleled security for high-risk environments. Our Blast and Hazard Resistant Windows offer advanced protection against safety threats and extreme weather as well as extreme fire conditions and high-pressure explosion events, ensuring the utmost safety. FORTRESS Gas Sentry Control Boxes, designed for shelter-in-place and emergency response, provide seamless management of ventilation systems, gas detectors and air quality, assuring precise control during toxic gas releases. Each component is meticulously designed, engineered and tested to the highest standards, guaranteeing peace of mind in the face of diverse threats.

Jet fire testing

FORTRESS Blast and Hazard Resistant Doors

Precision-engineered and rigorously tested, our doors ensure personnel safety and critical asset security with unwavering reliability. Crafted by Deansteel Manufacturing, these doors remain operational even after 30-minute direct fire impingement, ensuring safe egress in critical situations.

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Gas sentry control box

FORTRESS Gas Sentry Control Boxes

Our control boxes, designed by BakerRisk, provide seamless control over gas detection systems and HVAC interlocks. Offering robust monitoring capabilities, these control boxes ensure optimal information for emergency response, making them essential components in locations where monitoring of toxic gases is paramount.

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