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FORTRESS Protective Buildings was developed from recognizing the opportunity of a gap in available options for a multi-hazard resistant building (MRB) with a high degree of protection -- there was no option for a turnkey permanent building solution that can be quickly installed onsite.  For BakerRisk, a company focused on assisting clients with risk mitigation solutions, FORTRESS provides an alternative option to the traditional purpose-built building to truly protect site critical assets including both personnel as well as critical safeguards and equipment.

Leveraging BakerRisk's decades of R&D, investigation of hundreds of incidents, and 35+ years of assisting clients in personnel protection, BakerRisk developed FORTRESS Protective Buildings to provide an optimal solution from protection from hazards that may be present at industrial facilities handling flammable, toxic, explosive or energetic materials.

FORTRESS has partnered with Tindall to provide the manufactured modules per BakerRisk’s proprietary design. Tindall’s wealth of experience designing, detailing, producing, and installing thousands of precast modules and buildings/industrial structures across North America ensures FORTRESS is manufactured to the high-quality expectations of our clients.


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At FORTRESS Protective Buildings, we went beyond designing a modular building that will remain structurally sound after a blast event - we designed a permanent modular building to have negligible occupant vulnerability from blast, fragment, thermal, and toxic design basis events. Modular construction ensures reduced onsite construction time, total project duration, overall installation costs, and site risk exposure over traditional purpose-built buildings.

FORTRESS Protective Buildings Team Members

Our Mission


Protecting life and assets in high risk environments.


Global leader in hazard protection.

FORTRESS Protective Buildings Values


We are accountable, first and foremost to our clients, but also to each other and ourselves. This means that we take ownership and responsibility of our projects, delivering a high-quality building safely, on time, and within budget.


At FORTRESS, we think big-embracing challenges as possibilities. FORTRESS encourages new ideas which can be nurtured into creative solutions whether that be streamlined processes or new products/ product improvements.


At FORTRESS, we love what we do, why we do it, and the people we work with-both internally and externally. We are passionate about saving lives and protecting assets, which involves a persistent and relentless pursuit of FORTRESS growth.

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