Data & Telecom

Securing Seamless Connectivity

Ensuring Uninterrupted Connectivity

In today’s digital age, maintaining constant data and telecom services is not just a necessity—it’s the lifeblood of business and communication. Downtime is not an option and safeguarding critical equipment is paramount. FORTRESS Protective Buildings stands as the ultimate solution, ensuring the continuous operation of data centers, telecom hubs and disaster recovery facilities.

Setting New Protection Benchmarks for Data & Telecom

At FORTRESS, we don’t just meet industry standards, we set new benchmarks for equipment safety, security, and compliance. Our protective buildings surpass the design and protection guidelines established for data centers and telecom hubs. We strive to surpass relevant industry design standards, ensuring our structures provide unparalleled equipment protection and security as well as meet the demanding standards of the data center and telecom sectors.

Key Benefits for Data & Telecom


Unwavering Protection

FORTRESS safeguards your data, equipment and personnel against a spectrum of threats, from security threats to fires and extreme weather. We understand the critical nature of your operations and ensure their continuity.


Adaptability and Swift Installation

Our modular construction allows for rapid deployment and tailored solutions to suit your specific needs. FORTRESS structures are fabricated in controlled environments, ensuring high quality and rapid installation, reducing downtime.


Long-Term Cost Effectiveness

FORTRESS delivers not only immediate safety but long-term cost-effectiveness. Our structures boast a lifespan far beyond industry averages, translating to a sustainable product with a substantial life cycle cost savings. We provide peace of mind with a high value product.

Data & Telecom Applications

Data center

Data Centers

Protect your data centers, where every second of downtime is catastrophic. FORTRESS structures offer the highest level of safety for your equipment, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Telecom tower

Telecom Hubs

Safeguard your telecom hubs, where connectivity is paramount. FORTRESS ensures that your vital communication equipment remains operational, no matter the circumstances.

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