A Commitment to Protection Through Innovation

Welcome to the heart of FORTRESS, where our team members come together in a collective commitment to safety, innovation, and unmatched quality. Our team is built on passion and a shared goal—to revolutionize building siting best practices through multi-hazard protection. Get to know the faces behind our unbeatable products, each contributing their unique skills and commitment to creating a safer and more resilient world.



Bill Mather, a pivotal figure in the development of the FORTRESS concept, brings with him a unique background of experiences. Bill holds the unique distinction of having lived in Saudi Arabia for 11 enriching years at which time he began to understand the importance of protective buildings.

His commitment to the FORTRESS team stems from his role as one of the concept’s original founders. His passion lies in steering the journey from concept to the creation of buildings that protect lives and vital assets against a myriad of hazards.

FORTRESS was a natural progression for Bill, partnering with his ambition to bring a product that not only endures but actively protects and preserves lives and critical assets.



Karen Vilas, an integral part of the FORTRESS team, brings a unique spark beyond her professional pursuits. When she’s not immersed in her role, Karen dedicates herself to the 26&2 series hot yoga (formerly known as Bikram). Her daily practice ensures she arrives at work refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

Driven by a fervent belief in FORTRESS’s ability to protect life and critical assets, Karen joined the clear with a clear objective–educating industrial markets on protective buildings. Her background in facility siting and risk assessments means that Karen is in a unique position to truly understand just how much of a game-changer the FORTRESS product line is.

Her enthusiasm to contribute to this mission mirrors her dedication to ensuring FORTRESS reaches its pinnacle, aligning perfectly with her belief that FORTRESS is protecting lives and assets, every day.


Senior Construction Manager

David Prakoth, the Construction Manager at FORTRESS, brings a multifaceted persona beyond his professional endeavors. David spends his nights and weekends as the Vice President of his son’s soccer club and holds the distinguished position of Booster Club President for their High School Soccer Program.

His extensive engagement with his son’s’ soccer club and the high school program showcases his dedication to fostering community, sportsmanship, and diverse interests that transcend the boundaries of the workplace.

David’s path to the FORTRESS team was fueled by the dedication of the original team members to introduce FORTRESS to the market. Witnessing their commitment to safeguarding a company’s most valuable assets—their employees—sparked his conviction to join the team.

Spending time with the FORTRESS team, he recognized this environment was where he could contribute meaningfully and thrive.


Senior Project Manager

Prior to his dedicated work at FORTRESS, Brian and his wife Jennifer founded No Label Brewing Co. in Katy, TX.

With an entrepreneurial spirit rooted in founding and nurturing successful ventures like No Label Brewing Co., Brian brings a unique perspective to the FORTRESS team. His experience extends beyond traditional construction project management and enables him to creatively problem solve by pulling from his experience as an entrepreneur.

Brian approaches FORTRESS with contagious enthusiasm, envisioning tailored solutions to address clients’ challenges in safeguarding lives and critical assets. Brian’s passion for developing inventive strategies resonates with his belief in FORTRESS’s capacity to change the industry.

His alignment with the team’s mission coupled with his entrepreneurial drive, makes Brian an invaluable asset to the FORTRESS family.


Structural Design Consultant

Thomas Mander, known for his impactful 14-year tenure at BakerRisk, extends his passion for design beyond his professional commitments. When he’s not immersed in his work, Thomas channels his creativity and passion in to woodworking and home renovation projects.

His impressive track record at BakerRisk, marked by diverse projects like FORTRESS, spans a considerable duration, yet Thomas continuously seeks avenues for growth and impact.

Driven by a pursuit of personal and team excellence, Thomas remains engaged in his work. His enthusiasm for progress and ongoing growth fuels his excitement for the ever-evolving landscape within the FORTRESS product line.


Director of Business Development

A vital member of the FORTRESS team, Tim previously coached both football and basketball for junior high and high school teams. There are many experiences that have led to unforgettable moments, but one stands out: the moment when he and 35 junior football players were struck by lightning during a practice session.

Tim’s time with the FORTRESS team is driven by an understanding of the importance of safeguarding lives and critical equipment. Having encountered firsthand the necessity for heightened protection during an unforeseen event, he emphasizes the significance of robust safety measures.

Tim’s belief in FORTRESS’s contribution to protection is centered on safeguarding critical equipment and, most importantly, preserving lives, fortifying his decision to join the team.


Project Manager

Alex possesses an intriguing way of spending his time beyond professional endeavors. In his free time, Alex immerses himself into the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, passionately training and engaging in competitive martial arts.

Alex is dedicated to promoting FORTRESS buildings as innovative multi-hazard protectors, aspiring to achieve global recognition. He envisions FORTRESS as a leading force in global multi-hazard protection, eager to contribute to establishing these buildings as symbols of safety and innovation.

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