Karen Vilas, President of FORTRESS Protective Buildings, Interviewed by BIC Magazine

Jeremy Osterberger of BIC Magazine, a publication focused on business and innovation in the energy and fuel industry, recently interviewed Karen Vilas, President of FORTRESS Protective Buildings, to help industry professionals understand what makes FORTRESS protective buildings so unique from other protective shelters out there. This interview provides an excellent opportunity for industry to learn about the FORTRESS’s innovative approach to protective structures and its commitment to providing the highest level of hazard protection to its clients.

An innovative solution for a major gap in hazard protection

In the interview, Karen Vilas discusses how FORTRESS was developed by BakerRisk’s risk management consultants identifying a gap in the market for a well-rounded, multi hazard-resistant protective shelter expertly designed to protect people working in high-hazard areas. From concept to design to full-scale testing, Vilas discusses how BakerRisk made sure FORTRESS Protective Buildings would live up to the level of protection so greatly needed in industry, which includes protection from common major hazards such as fire, blast, fragments, toxic leaks, and natural hazards.

Vilas also discussed how FORTRESS’s mission to protect life and assets in high-risk environments, coupled with the knowledge and experience required to provide the highest quality of permanent protective structures, and the resources to produce and install the buildings at a fraction of the time of other permanent options is what sets them apart from other offerings in industry.

“We are honored to be featured in BIC Magazine and to have the opportunity to share our story with their readers,” said Vilas. “At FORTRESS Protective Buildings, we are dedicated to providing the best quality of permanent protective structures out there that meet the diverse needs of our clients, and I am excited to have the opportunity to share that with BIC’s audience.”

Watch the full interview on BIC Magazine’s website, which also includes an interesting background into Vilas’s work ethic and leadership skills which she has demonstrated in several areas of her life, including as a young student and athlete. Learn more about FORTRESS‘s unique design and protective qualities, and contact Karen Vilas to learn how FORTRESS can protect your specific facility.

The Defender in Action