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The multi-hazard protection design behind FORTRESS receives patent!

It is official – BakerRisk has been issued a patent for its FORTRESS Protective Buildings!!  A need was identified in industry for a building that:  Can easily be transported to the site and erected quickly. Can resist a full range of hazards (explosion, fire, toxic/flammable gas ingress, fragments, extreme weather, etc.)  Protects building occupants, critical…

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How the Thermal Resistance of Concrete Improves Employee Safety

Why FORTRESS Protective Buildings rely on the thermal resistance of concrete to protect personnel Protective buildings, including both permanent structures and temporary modules, must be constructed of durable materials that can protect occupants from multiple hazard types, including fire hazards, blast loads, and more. While some common building materials may suffice for blast load protection…

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Karen Vilas Inducted into the Morgantown High Athletic Hall of Fame

Karen excels in 3’s: she manages BakerRisk’s North American Region Business Development, she is a Principal Consultant in our Houston Process Safety group, and Secretary/Treasurer for FORTRESS Protective Buildings, LLC!  Karen’s history tells a similar tale.  In November 2021, she was inducted into the Morgantown High School (MHS) Athletic Hall of Fame in her hometown…

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Is Reinforced Concrete Right For Your Next Blast Resistant Building?

In an ideal situation, facility personnel would operate at a safe distance from potential accidental hazards. However, this is not always possible or practical, and essential personnel often need to be located closer to operations and potential hazards than we’d like. In those cases, it’s necessary to provide protection from the hazardous exposures, which sometimes…

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FORTRESS provides U.S. Gulf Coast with Hazard Resistant Buildings

FORTRESS Protective Buildings, a Houston-based leader in multi-hazard protection, is supplying a new option for protective buildings to facilities along the gulf coast region. Companies recognize the importance of keeping their employees safe and have chosen the proven protection of a FORTRESS for its ability to provide multi-hazard protection – blast, fragment, thermal from fire…

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