The multi-hazard protection design behind FORTRESS receives patent!

It is official – BakerRisk has been issued a patent for its FORTRESS Protective Buildings! 

A need was identified in industry for a building that:


  1. Can easily be transported to the site and erected quickly.
  2. Can resist a full range of hazards (explosion, fire, toxic/flammable gas ingress, fragments, extreme weather, etc.) 
  3. Protects building occupants, critical equipment, or the building’s continued functionality. 

FORTRESS Protective Buildings is the solution. 

The patented FORTRESS design provides [excerpt from patent]

“…protection from fragment, overpressure, radiation, and toxic hazards through a combination of physical design and modular segments, of joint seals between modular segments, of door assemblies, and of HVAC control systems.  The modular shelter is formed from two or more prefabricated concrete modular segments each including a built-in foundation, roof, and side walls, and a prefabricated concrete vestibule segment providing an air lock like access to the shelter.  The prefabricated modular segments and vestibule segment are transported to a site and assembled to each other on-site to provide a fully enclosed space within the modular shelter.  A multi-layer joint seal is formed between adjacent modular segments to prevent ingress of toxic, flammable, or thermal hazards.  An integrated HVAC controller monitors toxic or flammable hazards outside and inside of the shelter, and controls HVAC systems to minimize spread of contaminants upon detecting a hazard.” 


Patent Figures by Built and 3d Rendering

Slide2 Slide4 Slide3

Modular construction ensures reduced onsite construction time, total project duration, overall installation costs, and site risk exposure over traditional purpose-built buildings.   

FORTRESS Protective Buildings are comprised of hazard resistant components that are also sold independently to meet your building site safety needs. Each building component has been fully tested by BakerRisk to FORTRESS’s high standard safety specifications ensuring you can be confident our products provide you with the peace of mind knowing you are protecting your personnel with the best available solution today. 

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