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Remote Building Specification

David Prakoth works from home on a FORTRESS floor-plan that gives the client the required building functionality.
David Prakoth works from home on a FORTRESS floor-plan that gives the client the required building functionality.

During this time of social distancing, the FORTRESS Protective Buildings, LLC (FORTRESS) team has quickly adapted to remote working.  While Americans at large are sheltering-in-place (SIP) at home, personnel at processing facilities are looking for safe options for SIP in the workplace.  Regardless of the current economic and social situations in the United States, our clients are pushing forward with projects focused on protecting their people – both from operational hazards as well as the current COVID-19 exposures.

FORTRESS provides a high level of protection from fragment, blast, thermal, toxic, and extreme weather exposure for onsite personnel – a level of protection that can only be matched through a detail designed and engineered purpose-built building.  Purpose-built structures are a difficult solution to implement during a time of restricted movement due to the large crews and time required onsite as well as the supply chain disruptions due to limited businesses operating at full capacity.  While Blast Resistant Metal Buildings remain an option, these are typically best suited for far field locations with low blast loads and limited exposure to fire and toxic hazards.

FORTRESS, however, is designed, engineered, contracted, and fabricated without the need to visit the facility for expensive and time-consuming pre-specification details.  Once the General Contractor arrives onsite for building assembly and finishing, the turnkey structure is ready for delivery to the client within a matter of weeks.  Having built great partnerships with experienced industry leaders, FORTRESS supply chains have not been impacted.

Whether you are looking for a 500 square foot Guardhouse, a 2,500 square foot Operator Shelter, or a 10,000 square foot Control Room, FORTRESS is the ideal solution for near field hazard exposure.  There is no reason to delay your building risk mitigation programs due to restricted movements – instead, contact us today to learn more about why FORTRESS is the solution for your site!

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