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Consequence or risk based facility siting has shown that your personnel exposure for an occupied building(s) is high – now what? A risk mitigation plan can be prioritized and implemented focusing on:

  • When considering mitigating the risk through addressing the building(s), there traditionally have been three options: upgrade the building, design/build a new building, or use portable buildings according to siting guidelines.  Now, there is a new solution – FORTRESS Protective Buildings, LLC.

Depending on the risk profile, there is not a one-size-fits all solution to optimize risk reduction. Focusing on the need for both near and far field hazard protection, the range of consequences should determine the type of building risk mitigation required for a cost and time efficient solution. FORTRESS provides a high level of protection for hazards, including blast, fragment, thermal, gas ingress (flammable and toxic), and extreme weather.

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