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A FORTRESS protective building goes beyond blast protection. It is a multi-hazard resistant building (MRB) designed to provide maximum protection from blasts, fragments, fires, toxic gases and extreme weather conditions. Unlike standard buildings or other modular blast-resistant options, FORTRESS protective buildings are constructed with 8-inch reinforced concrete, providing inherent protection that has been further improved through design, testing and patented solutions.

FORTRESS protective buildings are engineered to withstand various hazards including blasts, fragments, fires, toxic gases and extreme weather. They are designed to ensure the safety of occupants and critical assets in high-risk environments.

FORTRESS protective buildings are designed for efficiency. Standard floor plans and finished for FORTRESS MRB and FORTRESS Flex can be ready for occupancy in as little as six months, while the FORTRESS Defender can be expedited or delivered finished. Our patented design minimizes site disruptions, ensuring a swift and smooth installation process in industrial settings.

FORTRESS protective buildings are built for a lifetime with a lifespan significantly longer than traditional buildings. Think about the concrete bunkers that have existed since WWI and WWII as protective structures! The specific lifespan can vary based on factors such as maintenance and environmental conditions.

Yes, FORTRESS protective buildings offer design flexibility and are limited only by our precast form constraints. Our patented modules can be arranged in a variety of floor plans, allowing for fully customized interiors tailored to meet specific functional, comfort and productivity needs.

FORTRESS protective buildings are designed for minimal maintenance. Routine maintenance on doors, gas detectors, HVAC systems, etc. are the anticipated regular maintenance requirements. We now offer a yearly inspection, if desired, provided by our expert team to ensure the continued effectiveness of the structure.

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive customer support after installation. We offer ongoing assistance as part of our one-year warranty, addressing any questions or concerns promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Yes, FORTRESS protective buildings exceed recommended blast and hazard resistant designs by API RP 752 & 753 and ASCE Petrochemical building design for industrial application and exceed storm shelter requirements outlined in ICC 500 and FEMA P320 and P361. Our buildings surpass industry standards, providing unmatched safety and protection.

FORTRESS protective buildings feature all the components that are part of a robust, best practice shelter-in-place including multi-hazard resistant doors and windows, thermal seals on all joints and penetrations, vestibules, and gas detection combined with our Gas Sentry control panel. FORTRESS is unique in that our building quotes include the shelter-in-place safety features so there won’t be any surprise addons later in the project! These features are designed to enhance occupant safety and protect critical assets.

FORTRESS offers a one-year warranty on our buildings with owner warranties applicable on building furnishings. We now offer a yearly service contract, if desired, where we can inspect the building to ensure that the design integrity is still intact (i.e., no holes have been introduced, systems are functioning properly, inspections/maintenance intervals are being followed, etc.).

FORTRESS buildings require truck and crane access and may not be the best solution in locations with limited access. Additionally, there may be times when a less protective building / building with only blast resistant may be acceptable for a customer’s needs depending on the location and hazard profile. If there is a less protective/cheaper available from another building provider, we will share that information with you along with the knowledge necessary to make the ultimate decision on the turnkey building you purchase.

The lead time for ordering a FORTRESS protective building varies based on the scope of the project and customization requirements. Our team will provide a detailed timeline during the proposal/quoting process.

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