Tim Host is FORTRESS Protective Building’s Director of Regional Account Development for North America and started working with the FORTRESS team on December 13, 2021.  Tim came onboard with 15 years of modular building experience. “I saw FORTRESS and how it married all the benefits of an individually designed concrete tilt wall building with modular construction and I thought – this is really cool. I would like to help with this.”

Tim with his wife and three kids.

We interviewed Tim to get his first impressions and what he’s learned since joining our team.

What two things really struck you when you first learned about FORTRESS?

  1. The marriage of concrete tilt wall construction with modular – in one building. FORTRESS doesn’t have a competitor in that regard. It made it an attractive product. I look for products that are unique and marketable.
  2. The thought and development that went into FORTRESS expressed to me how much it was needed in the marketplace. BakerRisk has been around over 35 years and has a good reputation so I saw a lot of positives to becoming involved, especially at the foundational level of the business.

Tim wants people to know that he was attracted to this product because, “It is a building that prevents business interruption. It never has to be moved if the plant grows or changes and it is very versatile. Also, not only is it for industrial and petrochemical customers, but there are opportunities in emergency management and communications such as edge data centers. As a sales person, I see these as extremely attractive features for the marketplace.”

What is the most popular thing you get asked?

“I clarify a lot – Is it permanent or temporary? The turn around and shutdown market is so well populated with blast resistant buildings that us saying we are a modular blast resistant product gives people the same visual – but ours is a permanent structure. It throws people off until they learn it is made of concrete.  Since BRMs have been in the marketplace, many safety procedures have been created around the capabilities of a temporary metal-sided BRM.  People are open to considering other things, it is just a different conversation.”

 If you had one tweet to convey the importance of FORTRESS:

“How important do you think FORTRESS Protective Buildings are to the marketplace? When a bunch of engineers with 35 years+ history in facility siting and safety spend three years developing a product to go to market – it must be something that is needed.”

Tim with his basketball team when he was a coach.

 Fun facts about Tim:

  1. Married 26 years.
  2. Three kids.
  3. Born in Austin, TX.
  4. Graduated from University of TX at Austin.
  5. Met my wife in 1993 – driving back from basketball practice the day after Christmas – I was a coach. Stopped at a country western bar with my friend, named Wild West. There were 12 people in there and my future wife was one of them.
  6. Hit by lightning (on the practice field during a football practice – 42 of us went to the hospital – all recovered).
  7. Was a high school basketball coach, football coach, principal, bus driver, head of special programs, and many other positions at a small school called Tolar outside of Granbury.
  8. Fried Chicken is by far my favorite food. I could eat it every day. Popeyes is my go-to but the best I have ever had is at “Babes Chicken Dinner House” in Frisco, TX.


Thanks Tim! We are so glad you are a part of the team. You can email, text or call Tim anytime to discuss FORTRESS (or fried chicken).






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