API RP 752 and RP 753 require evaluation of toxic releases on building occupants.  For facilities with the potential for toxic gas releases, it is imperative for operations personnel to have a shelter where they can be protected from toxic gases while the facility is brought to a safe state. Confirming if the area outside the shelter is also safe provides essential feedback to occupants should preplanned emergency evacuation become necessary.

FORTRESS provides multiple layers of protection from toxic gases and is designed with an interior Shelter-In-Place (SIP) room that contains an integrated smart detection system that offers a direct response against a toxic release. Toxic gas detectors trigger an immediate shutdown of HVAC and dampers preventing air ingress . This detection system provides real time statistics on toxic concentration levels both inside and outside the building as well as interior to the SIP room. With the robust SIP layout and the advanced smart detection/shutdown system, FORTRESS provides unparalleled toxic protection that has been fully tested at BakerRisk test facilities.

To know with 100% confidence your site personnel will be safe in the event of a toxic release, contact the FORTRESS team today.

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