FORTRESS: The Perfect Modern Industrial Building for On-Site Protection

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FORTRESS brings the style, comfort, & safety of modern industrial buildings to your worksite:

Many industrial buildings are functional, but they aren’t that comfortable or appealing for building occupants. Others are more aesthetically pleasing but leave much to be desired in terms of equipment or personnel protection. The best modern industrial buildings take both form and function into account.  FORTRESS buildings are ideal examples!  The innovative patented[1] FORTRESS Protective Buildings are robust and sturdy but incorporate modern industrial design elements. These functional and attractive buildings are top choices when installing new blast-resistant buildings at a worksite or facility.

Modern industrial building design trends

Modern industrial building design trends

Many modern industrial buildings utilize design and style trends that evoke images of practical functionality. Clean lines, sweeping angles, and boxy structural shapes for small and large buildings alike define much of the modern industrial style. These design trends are used for industrial parks, office buildings, manufacturing centers or warehouses, and even certain stores or coffee shops.

The modern style takes many cues from historical ideas and aesthetics. Earlier factories and industrial buildings from the 1920s onward frequently incorporated wide, flat shapes with towering smokestacks. A metal-heavy, machined look dominated the buildings in this sector for decades.

That influence is still seen in modern industrial architecture. However, it is often incorporated with minimalist sensibilities and “clean” surfaces without much to distract the eye.

The importance of on-site safety

The importance of on-site safety

Satisfactory industrial buildings must also be able to protect critical equipment and on-site personnel alike. They’re often constructed from durable materials ranging from precast concrete to steel, as in the case of mobile protective modules.

Modern industrial buildings intended for personnel protection must protect personnel and priority equipment from:

  • Blast hazards
  • Thermal hazards, such as fires
  • Weather hazards, such as tornadoes
  • Toxic off-gas and similar hazards
  • And more

How FORTRESS combines aesthetics & functionality

FORTRESS Protective Buildings embrace the modern industrial style. Each building is constructed primarily of precast concrete modules and features a geometric look. The modular design not only reduces schedule time and minimizes site disruption, but also quickly enables the precast concrete modules to morph into a cohesive protective building blending form and function.

However, FORTRESS Protective Buildings aren’t just appropriate for facilities or worksites due to their looks. They also meet and exceed each of the above-mentioned hazard resistance checks.

FORTRESS concrete walls are eight inches thick and reinforced for additional hazard resistance. Furthermore, each FORTRESS is designed to promote occupant safety for up to several hours, even during major hazard events like industrial fires. For everyday operations, FORTRESSES are comfortable for workers and are fully customizable from the layout to the finishes.

In these ways, FORTRESS Protective Buildings blend the aesthetics of industrial buildings with the practical protective elements of modern engineering in a single design.

Order a FORTRESS today

Risk managers or executives who need modern industrial buildings for on-site protection should consider installing a FORTRESS. You can order a FORTRESS today by contacting us. Alternatively, browse our test page to see the proof of these buildings’ hazard resistance capabilities.

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